E.J. Wheaton Co. Dust and Done, Extra Large Pre Treated Dusting Cloth, Dust and Polish in Just One Swipe, for Use on Most Finished Surfaces, Made in USA (2 Cloths)

Dust and polish in just one easy swipe with Dust and Done! Great for cleaning wood, granite, stainless steel, plastic and most finished surfaces. Get up to 50 dustings per cloth!

Dust and Done is made from specially-woven, domestic cotton fibers that won’t scratch or streak. Ideal for: furniture, baseboards, doors, pianos, cabinets and other large surface jobs. Easy 1-step clean: no sprays or other products needed.Leaves a dust-free, polished looking finish without residue or waxy build-up.Re-usable: up to 50 dustings per single towel.


Fold cloth, wipe side to side, refold and wipe. After use, shake the cloth to release the trapped dirt and dust particles. Refold and replace in the pouch. Dispose of cloth when it is full of dust and dirt and is no longer effective.DO NOT WASH. Washing will damage the cloth. Cloth itself will not scratch surfaces but can pick up particles that do scratch.

Cloth Measurements: 3.8 sq. ft. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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