E.J. Wheaton Co. Lemon Oil & Orange Oil Wood Furniture Polishing Kit, Contains Everything you Need to Clean, Condition and Restore Natural Beauty To All Wood Surfaces

E.J. WHEATON CO. Wood Furniture Polishing Kit 


E.J. Wheaton Co. Lemon Oil Wood Furniture Polish
E.J. Wheaton Co. Orange Oil Wood Furniture Polish
Microfiber Applicator Pads (2 each) 
Microfiber Towels (4 each) 16 in. x 16 in., 400 GSM, dual pile, extra soft, edgeless, tagless 

E.J. WHEATON CO. Wood Furniture Polish is made with natural oils to quickly and easily clean, shine and protect all your wood surfaces. Contains no wax, silicone or other harmful abrasives. 

Safe For All Wood Surfaces
Use on all wood surfaces including antiques, kitchen cabinets, dining room tables, wood chairs, doors, trim, molding, wood paneling and much more! 

No Wax Buildup: 
E.J. Wheaton Co. Wood Furniture Polish contains no wax or silicone. It will not cause wax build up and is safe for repeated use.

Revitalizes Worn Wood: 
Wood Furniture Polish restores natural oils to wood, restoring a clean finish and helps prevent further damage and deterioration.

Finishes Clean:
No waxy-build up or greasy residue.

Apply Wood Furniture Polish to a soft towel or applicator pad and wipe onto the wood surface. Buff the surface dry with a clean towel for a fantastic finish. For extra gloss do not buff off. 

For Cleaning Hardwood Floors:
Dilute 2 oz. of furniture polish with 1 gallon of water.

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